"I retained Kat's services to help me tone up and lose weight for my wedding. I have little to no will power and am on the lazy side so wanted a trainer to motivate me. I expected a few results but what I got was amazing. After an assessment we worked on all the areas I was most concerned about (stomach, arms and back) I lost a stone and toned up. You can see the results in the pictures.. All this over the space of 4 months. Giving advice on my diet and what to do when not in training with her, providing varied and amusing work outs. I was only going to use Kat until the wedding was over, however I love the flexibility of her working hours, the results, the routines and her personality so much I'm keeping her and will continue to recommend her."
- Sam

"I have been training with Kat for 6 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed her workouts. I leave the details to her but each week she manages to keep things fresh and interesting while still making me work extremely hard. I have noticed the results on all fronts including better physique, toned stomach and excellent fitness, which is necessary for me to play football. Kat's sessions are fun but she will push you as hard as you want so don't be afraid to tell her! I thoroughly recommend using Kat as your personal trainer."
- Gavin

"I had been training with Kat for a couple of years when I became pregnant. I was keen to keep training throughout my pregnancy albeit on a pregnancy friendly level. Kat knew exactly what exercises were and were not appropriate depending on what stage I was at and I had complete confidence in her. I trained up to 32 weeks (although admittedly on a much reduced scale towards the end!). After the arrival of my twins, I was so pleased and amazed how quickly my body bounced back to its pre pregnancy size - which I am sure is down to the training with Kat."
- Angela

"I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions with Kat - they are innovative, well structured, results focused and excellent fun. No more boring gym workout - the training time flies and I can see results much quicker than I could achieve training by myself."
- Miriam

"Kat is a fantastic trainer! She provided me with the methods and motivation to reach the weight I wanted for my wedding (losing 2,5 st) and has since ensured I maintain that weight. She has also thrown in stronger abs, pecs, thighs and biceps into the bargain! Her sessions are fun and creative, she really knows how to remove the monotony from workouts. She will push you as hard as you want to be pushed (and then a bit harder)! It's Katalyst all the way!"
- Rob



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